Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jazz Maverick Progression

I posted the lines to this yesterday but I'm including them again as a comparison to the finished result.
Threw down the flat colors and some preliminary shading to the characters before tackling a backdrop.
A few hours and multiple dead markers later we have the finished result!
This might be my favorite Mighty Boosh piece so far. I'm really happy with the color choices and how the expression on Howard's face turned out. I can't wait to show this to them next week!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Recent Personal Art

First and formost ya'll should go buy a copy of Gothology: The Eternal Sad.
I've got a short story in there and it's silly.

DeKay would totally be in the Scout Class of TF2, also my cosplay for Comic Con 09.
Piece number 2 for F0xy of her character of the same name.
Otter Pops are the shit and me and Bennett ate like 800 each a few weekends ago. Man this drawing had an insane response on DA. It was overwhelming.
Quick drawing to show DeKay's new markings, nothing major.
Updated ref sheet for Benji for an OCT on deviantart that I had to drop out of. Got some sweet refs out of it though.

Sketches at the end of the week!