Everything I did in the days leading up to and during Fanime.

Last thing I drew at Fanime, tribute art to one of my favorite comic book ladies, Ramona Flowers.

I can't friggin wait for the last book. And because I know people are going to ask, Yes I'm stoked for the movie, I think Micheal Cera will be a fine and dandy Scott Pilgrim, and everything is going to be wonderful because everything Edgar Wright touches turns to rainbows.

Ramona Flowers (c) Brain Lee O'Mally
Uh, so this is what happens when the weekend's conversation is dominated by Adventure Time and The Mighty Boosh.

We thought it was funny.

Adventure Time (c) Pen Ward
The Mighty Boosh (c) Noel and Julian
The fanart that happened after spending the weekend after watching The Mighty Boosh. It's interesting to see how much better I've gotten at drawing these guys compared to when I first started drawing them.
All of the sketches I was commissioned to do at Fanime.
ADVENTURE TIME! *explosions*

Tribute to the best thing on tv right now. I've been following this show since I was linked the pilot on youtube in like 2006 and I could not be happier that the show got the green light.
Row 1: Kamina, Viral, Ed Elric
Row 2: The Hitcher, The Doctor, Jayne Cobb
Row 3: Scott Pilgrim, Finn and Jake, Toothless
drawn for Fanime
A meme that circulated Deviantart that made for some nice warm up sketching.
1) The Hitcher (The Mighty Boosh)
2) Finn the Human (Adventure Time)
3) Toph (Avatar)
4) The Doctor (Doctor Who)
5) Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog)
6) Miguel and Tulio (Road to El Dorado)
7) Moss (The IT Crowd)
8) Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)
9) Janis Ian (Mean Girls)
10) Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)