June to September

Whelp, this isn't everything, but it's all the good stuff minus a few things I'm saving for other posts.
The revamped Three Cheers For Apathy cast, a webcomic I hope to actually start before hipsters go out of style.
Marker warm up of Devon

This was my entry for Deviantart's "Design the 8th Evil Ex" Scott Pilgrim contest. I didn't place or even get to the semi-finals but it was fun regardless.
Speaking of Scott Pilgrim... I'm pretty into this comic/movie/game if you hadn't noticed.
My character Jordan who just kind of floats around being cool and doesnt really belong to a story.
Oh man check out all these cool people I met at Comic Con this year.
Most of the Scott Pilgrim cast + Bryan Lee O'Mally and Edgar Wright, and Nathan Fillion!


Curiosity Core said…
These are all pretty much awesome...

...Though I kinda want to see more Jordan.