Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Class Work 2011

This semester I took two art classes, Intermediate Drawing and Intermediate Animation. Here's a collection of work from both classes.
The big project this year was to design a forest inspired by Midsummer Night's Dream. We were required to create both a day time and enchanted night forest. Many steps went into creating the final paintings, such as thumbnailing and small comps, a pencil line drawing, a pencil rendering and color comps.
Night pencil rendering
Night pencil lines
Daytime final painting
Daytime pencil rendering
Daytime pencil lines
My animation class had a lot of weekly sketchbook work. Following is a selection of figure drawing, lemur studies and observational gestures.

Sack Pantomime from Megan Lawton on Vimeo.
Last but not least my animation final, the sack pantomime.

Summer-Fall 2011

Caricatures of tumblr friends, tumblurtures even.
Rehashed the cast. Devon, Benji, Delilah and Oliver
All kinds of sketchbooky things.
Old self portrait and some revisited characters from eons ago. Right is Nanuka's and bottom left is Daewen's
The aliens from Attack the Block were particularly inspiring.
Zach's Jillian
Updated Mallancholy cast for issue 3.
New Deviantart ID.

Monster lady
I just had to draw Marshal Lee as Rufio from Hook after I heard Rebecca Sugar wanted Dante Basco to voice the genderswapped Marceline.
Last but not least, new drawing of my ideal Pokemon team.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spring Semester Work

Major works and projects from 113a and 112b at San Jose State.
Line drawing for the city scape. I like this a lot more than the final result.
The final painting, done in gouache, by far the most difficult medium I've encountered in my life.
Color comps also done in gouache at a much smaller size than the final painting. These are the best results out of the 12 we did.
Figure studies, primarily 5-10 minutes, done in pencil or ball point pen.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Passed my Portfolio Review!

The A/I department finally posted the results for the portfolio review yesterday. All the main characters passed! We spent the rest of the day celebrating.

This is all the work I submitted. Some of it's been posted here before but I'm including it for the sake of reference for other people.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

March to April

Holy hell has it been a hectic couple of months. Wondercon, applying to internships, portfolio review, piles and piles of homework... Anyways, here's a couple things.
Two of my favorite gunslingers, Clint Eastwood and Han Solo.
Flexing my character designin muscles by drawing some humanized Pokemon (Gen 5) Left to right is Reuniclus, Emboar and Blitzle. I want to do more of these.
Marceline from Adventure Time because she's the best vampire of them all.
5 Personas. My actual self in cartoon form, Dinolich, Dekay (of Darkness and Dekay) and my duuurrrsona, Chuck who is an aye-aye/anglerfish.

I should be finding out if I passed the portfolio review by the end of the week, so once I find out I'll post my submission!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


These two months were probably the most mentally and physically draining months of my life, I'm lucky I got any art done!
I had to put my game face on.
Dinolich makes small talk with the locals.
A bunch of random sketches I'd posted on my twitter throughout the months.
Marker sketch of Noel Fielding while I watched Big Fat Quiz 2010 because I love drawing his face.
And I finally put together a ref sheet for Dinolich!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fall 2010

Final project for 112a at SJSU. Crow Quill inking nibs with India Ink on illustration board. 18"x11"

Midterm for 122a at SJSU. Charcoal Reversal. 22"x20" I think...
Figure drawing primarily from 122b at SJSU. Sketches were anywhere from 2-20 minutes, in pencil, ball point, crow quill nibs and charcoal.

Monday, January 10, 2011

October to December

Portrait sketches of Jason Shwartzman and Felicia Day.
A mass of sketches pulled from my sketchbook this last semester
My character Dinolich
Drew this after taking an evening stroll through downtown San Jose.
Probably my favorite personal drawing I've done in the last couple months.

Next post I should be filled with all the work I've done at school! Lots of illustrations and figure drawing.