Gary Soto Kitchen Project

For my beginning visual development class we were asked to design a kitchen based on the writings of Gary Soto, as he grew up in a lower to middle class family in the 1950's.
Much of the class had never painted digitally before, so to warm up we chose an object from our own kitchen to break in our photoshop shoes. I chose my electric kettle.

After many thumbnails, careful planning and revisions we sketched the line drawings of two views of our kitchens. Following this was pencil renderings with two versions of lighting for each view. Once that was completed we picked one rendering to paint in color. After the final paintings were turned in, the teacher asked us to repaint a selection of our image and apply what we learned from the final critique and the other student's work.

This project was extremely difficult and pushed many of my boundaries. My strengths do not lie in perspective and man made objects, and I had never painted in photoshop before. Over all I am happy with my design work though my technical experience could use some more skill points. I can't say I'm happy with my final painting, I feel I could have done a better job unifying colors and staying closer to my lighting study. I am much more satisfied with my selection painting as I was able to fix many of the problems I faced in the full piece, though I still have a lot to learn.

I'm pretty excited to be finished with the kitchens and I'm super stoked for our current project, designing tree houses!