Crew of You

 For Barron Story's class, in which we had to design six characters based on different aspects of our own personality, set in the same universe. Here is my rag-tag crew of Kyle, the amateur ghost hunter, and a rouges gallery of different monsters. 
 And my final illustration! Sketched in pencil, inked with a pentel pocket brush and sakura micron pens, colored in photoshop.
Between designing the cast and completing the final image, we got to spend a few classes getting to know our characters and the world they live in. First we spent a class building characters out of clay, and second we built dioramas of our set designs and used multiple flashlights and gels to create a lighting concept. It's amazing how much lighting did for my little box set!

And for funzies, I put together a couple work in progress shots of the final image.