Mallancholy Comics

A few years back a little indie publisher called DAPShow put out a call for a gothic themed anthology, appropriately named, The Gothology. The following are my contributions to volumes 1, 2 and the never finished volume 3. This was a pretty big step into comics for me.  The first one is from ~*2009*~ so the art's pretty bad, this is your warning.

Making the jump to 2010, look at that improvement.

Hooooooo look at that 2011 artwork. The cast gets a major design overhaul. Except for Noel, who's only real change was that I had taken figure drawing.

Unfortunately volume 3 was never published, so at the time I didn't feel the need to continue the story but I wish I had gone further into the last one. These guys were a lot of fun to work with and it's cool taking a look back at these little shorts. Maybe they'll come back one day. Maybe.


Anonymous said…
this is a great comic, i wish you had published more! thank you though, I got a good chuckle from it :D