Monday, January 21, 2013

Ray Bradbury Project

For my final project in Visual Development we got to pick any short story from three authors, design the characters and create three to four illustrations based on story moments. I chose No Particular Night or Morning, by Ray Bradbury. The following is a selection of development work, character turnarounds and four moments that I felt told a cohesive and complete story. My character designs were inspired by local retro-future-rockabilly band, The Phenomenauts.

Fall Semester 2012

 Speed paints from Attack the Block

The first big project for my visual development class, based on a news story of a kitten that escaped a pack of dogs by hiding under the hood of a car.
 The second project was to create an environment based on the Alien movies, based on a photograph we took of structures on our college campus.
 This was my first semester of modeling in Maya, where we modeled, textured and lit a Webley & Scott Flare Gun
A selection of grizzlies from a zoo day with bear designer extraordinaire, David Colman.

November-January Things

Turnarounds for Darkness and Dekay

 A strikingly accurate portrayal of me during finals. Also for Greg Goodson's Oni Meme on Tumblr
 A new character for a comic I'm developing. His name is Hiro, he likes hip hop, slaying vampires and anime.
 A little fanart for possibly my new favorite show, Gravity Falls. The quote is from a TJ Miller (voice of Robbie) stand up gig I went to a few months ago.
Sketched by the wonderful Brittany Hayden, colored by me.

And of course an assortment of things from my sketchbooks