Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Help Me Go to London!

Some how the stars have aligned and I've been presented with the opportunity to travel to London with a few of my classmates and faculty at the end of March. To help pay for my trip I'm taking character commissions until I leave.
The folks over on tumblr and deviantart have already kickstarted me with a first round of commissions, so here's some more examples of what you could be getting! I'm comfortable drawing humans, animals, anthros, monsters, cyborgs, etc, as well as your own original characters, working from a prompt or theme (like the battle worn flapper below) or fan art and fan characters.

The chart above is where prices start, shoot me an email for a price quote or if you have any questions!

Pillar of Hope

Since the middle of Fall Semester I've been hard at work storyboarding one of the five short films my graduating class is producing for Adobe. The goal is to create a short film addressing a prompt about what the future might be like and how people might solve problems using technology of the future. This was one of the first versions of the storyboards from last semester.

This is the most recent version of the story. Since last semester we've been addressing issues like design and condensing the story into something we can realistically finish by the end of the semester while still being entertaining and making sense. It's not quite there yet, but it's definitely getting there. The colored frames are from my team mate, Denise Magdale.

Plus here's a sneak peak at some character designs I'm working on for a platformer fighting game which is being produced by some Masters in Game Design students at UCSC  with  John and Brenda Romero. Only three of them lead to final designs.