Monday, May 12, 2014

DeliverBee Story Test

At the beginning of April I was contacted by DreamWorks with the extremely exciting news that I would be moving to the second part of the Story Initiative selection process, the test. Unfortunately, last week I received word that I wasn't selected. But the good news is I learned a lot, got some informative feedback from professionals and got a great portfolio sequence out of the test.

The prompt was very vague which left a lot of room for me to create my own characters and come up with my own story. So here's DeliverBee, the story of a tiny delivery girl and her bee on a dangerous mission.

Monday, May 5, 2014

BFA Gallery Show and Society6 
Speaking of graduation, my senior gallery show is up and open daily at Works Gallery in downtown San Jose. But if you’re not from the Bay Area, our online gallery is up for viewing! Check out selected pieces from my 57 classmates in visual development, animation, modeling and story. I highly recommend going to the gallery in person if you can. 

I've also opened a Society6 store for anyone who can't make it to my convention appearances. There's a ton of other merch for sale too, like t shirts and mugs!
This week if you click the link, you'll get free shipping on your orders from now until Sunday.

March-April 2014 + Wondercon Sketches

  I haven't had time to sit down and scan everything for a nice big sketch dump, but I do have a few things I've uploaded to tumblr in the last few months. Above are a couple things from my flight home from my trip to London. I'm really going to have to visit more of Europe, but wow I could do without a lengthy day time flight. So many babies.

Sketches from Wondercon as well. The Dinolich and Mighty Boosh were used as commission examples. I got a lot of great requests at this convention, like "Graduation Dalek" and "A Muppet of my Choice"

My own graduation is coming up fast, so in the next month look forward to my senior film, concept work on a video game with UCSC, more storyboards and of course more ugly pokemon.