End of the Vine

And here it finally is! My Senior film. 

Working on this project was unlike anything I had ever done before. Before last year, I had never storyboarded, I had never worked with more than five people on a project and I had never worked on an animated film. In the fall of 2013, my graduating class was approached by Adobe Imagination Labs to create five animated shorts based on the future of technology. My friend, and co-director, Megan Hart came up with the idea that later became End of the Vine. 

Working with such a large team on a student project definitely lead to some new challenges and a lot of butting heads. But it also lead to some great innovations. Originally our film was going to be done as a hand drawn animation, until our modeler Jared Mills convinced us to do 3D instead. Our school had not produced a 3D film before this so we were on our own for most of the actual production. Luckily we had a crack team of amazing animators who were more than thrilled to work on an original 3D film for their reels. Plus it was a great opportunity to make something that looked like nothing that had ever come from San Jose State.

I'm extremely proud of my team, they're all wonderful and they all deserve jobs if they don't already have them.