Summer Fun Stuff

Now that I'm done with school I'm relearning how to draw for fun! So here's some stuff I've enjoyed through the last couple months.
Completely indulgent self-instert sketches after seeing How to Train Your Dragon 2. The dragon racing really grabbed me.
And I got DEEP into Guardians of the Galaxy. The old comics and the movie, just the whole franchise honestly. Rocket and Groot are just too precious.

Couple sketches I liked from tumblr. I miss my west coast friends! But I should be seeing you all in November!

I've been pretty excited about Gerard Way's new solo album, I loved the singles. My pre-order just arrived and I'm looking forward to listening to the whole thing.
This was a really really fun commission to do. Ghost is my favorite Pokemon type by a lot, and it was a real treat to be asked to draw them. The friend who commissioned this is planning to get it tattooed on himself, and I'm crazy excited to see that.

I'm working on Darkness and Dekay pages and another new side project, so there should be updates on that soon!