CSU Media Arts + Goodbye Blue Sky

End of the Vine from Raquel Rabbit on Vimeo.

We did it! And by "it" I mean we won first place in animation for our film End of the Vine at the CSU Media Arts Festival in LA this weekend. I'm super proud of my team, and thank you to my co-director Megan Hart, and team mates Jeanette McKillop, Jake Baker, Nick Marshall and Jared Mills for attending the festival and supporting the film we worked so hard on. You guys are amazing.

I'd also like to mention that my time at Blue Sky has come to an end. The last four months have been a crazy ride of meeting new people and learning more about storyboarding in a short amount of time than I have in the last year since I decided that this was what I wanted to do. We spent some time working with mentors on a training project before switching over to boarding on a new Blue Sky film coming out in 2017! I have to wait a while, but it's my first film credit, which is really exciting.
While Blue Sky was an amazing studio to work for and I was offered an extension, I realized the east coast was not where I needed to be, and I am now back in sunny California! And thrilled to be here.

 Here's my two scenes from the training portion of the program.

The four trainees were each given a section of a script called "Oak Tree", this section is the last scene before the end of act one.

Part Two of Blue Sky's "Oak Tree Assignment", which follows Rip figuring who is left on the tree after it's uprooted in the storm and dropped into the middle of the ocean.