November 2014

I've done a few story tests recently, and I'll probably share those once I find out what's happening but until then, here's some fun warm up stuff from the last month. Some of it is stupider than others but that's perfectly fine by me. 
I'm REALLY into the Spider-Girl Gwen Stacy story. Spider-Man's been one of my favorite heros since I was a kid so it's AWESOME to see that origin story from the perspective of Gwen if she had been bitten instead of Peter. Plus that costume is bad ass, and is at the top of my cosplay list for 2015.

Some things happened when I was catching up on Regular Show and Adventure Time.

I'm working on a series of character designs based on the Cosplay Pikachu from the new Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, just for funzies. I never played the original Gen III, so this is my first time in Hoenn and I am loving it.