Summer's End

This has been a completely insane summer. I crossed two massive things off of my bucket list, which included speaking on a panel and signing comics at San Diego Comic Con and getting a chance to work at Pixar. 
My internship at Pixar is over, but it's certainly not the end of things for me.  If you're looking for new story art, it's on the way. It'll be uploaded the second they send us our portfolios (hopefully this week). I'm excited about all of it and where this will take me.

Signing at Comic Con with Jhonen Vasquez, Aaron Alexovich and Eric Trueheart. ZIM #1-2 are both out in stores so you should definitely go pick those up. #3 will be out next month!

Not much personal art, due to working two jobs for three months, but I did manage to update my social media pages with a new ID and a new avatar. 
Also Hellaween Zines are up for sale on Etsy! It's 31 pages of my inktober sketches from last year. Scanned, lookin pretty and without the instagram filters. I've also got sets of halloween themed buttons for sale too!