Pixar Summer Story Internship 2015 Portfolio

Here it is! I've picked out my three favorite sequences from my training at Pixar's Story Internship this summer.  It was a very rewarding three months in this intense and inspiring environment. Working on pen and paper and pitching to an audience on gigantic bulletin boards was vastly different than anything I had ever done before.  I learned a lot from the professionals at the studio and my fellow interns and was overall an incredible experience. The blood, sweat and tears I put in to keep up with my internship at Pixar and continued work with Invader Zim was absolutely worth the hustle. I may go back and do a clean up pass on one or two of these, but for now, please enjoy!
A sequence based on an event in my own life, for the final assignment at Pixar. Trying to escape the stress of my school and home life, only to find the chaos had followed me to what was supposed to be a relaxing winter vacation.
Tortoise and the Hare interpreted with my own spin on the classic fable. 
Storyboarded from a script, the cold open from X-Files 3.12: War of the Coprophages. 
Written by Darin Morgan


Anonymous said…
Pretty awesome stuff here! I hope you continue on making this stuff because you be really good at it. My favorite is your version of the tortoise and the hare.
Kyle Janssen said…
Crazy cool! I was searching google for some portfolios that got people into some internship programs and you pop up! I had heard you were storyboarding somewhere! Congrats on landing that opportunity! Very cool to see a classmate doing so well! Hopefully I can pick your brain sometime about what goes on behind the scenes!