Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Invader ZIM vol 1 On Sale Tomorrow

Heads up ZIM fans! Volume 1 goes on sale tomorrow, and I am VERY excited. This collects issues 1-5 which nicely packages the issues I worked on for all the folks who prefer trades over single issues. Go pick one up at your local comic book shop or if you happen to live in Los Angeles, maybe consider going to the following:

LOS ANGELES INVADER ZIM FANS: don’t miss out on meeting the creative minds behind INVADER ZIM@jhonenv, Eric Trueheart, and @aaronalexovich at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on Wednesday January 27th, just in time for the release of INVADER ZIM VOL. 1!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inktober? More like Latetober

I made another attempt at Inktober last year, unfortunately I was swamped with comics and story tests and only managed to finish about half of it, but I kept with it until I hit 31. So stay tuned for Hella-zine #2 some time around convention season!