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Selections from Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus
All content and characters belong to Nickelodeon
Written/Directed - Jhonen Vasquez
Directed - Jake Wyatt
"Ham" is a collaborative effort with Director Jake Wyatt

Invader ZIM Storytest from Megan Lawton
Written by Jhonen Vasquez for the purposes of a storyboard test. This is a stand-alone story, not a segment from Enter the Florpus

Story test for Disney Talent Development, written by me.
Dana gets some questionable new neighbors.

Tortoise and the Hare interpreted with my own spin on the classic fable. 

First assignment for Blue Sky's Training Program. The four trainees were each given a section of a script called "Oak Tree", this section is the last scene before the end of act one.

Part Two of Blue Sky's "Oak Tree Assignment", which follows Rip figuring who is left on the tree after it's uprooted in the storm and dropped into the middle of the ocean.

*Recent professional work can be provided through email. Additional storyboard tests can be found in the "Storyboard tab.*

Ghost Aggressors - Written and Illustrated by me
Back up comic for Invader ZIM #14

HELLAWEEN: Trick or Treat
A thirty page comic written and illustrated by me. Professionals inquire for full version, also available for purchase here: 

Character and Visual Development
Development for a Personal Project in which a group of monstrous skater teens harass the human world, two humans in particular.

Barron Story "Crew of You" Class Project
Six characters in a setting based on different aspects of the artist's personality