Story Boards

1) Pixar Story Internship
2) Blue Sky Story Training Program
3) Storyboard Tests (TV and Film Studio Training Programs)
4) School work

Pixar Internship
Tortoise and the Hare interpreted with my own spin on the classic fable.

A sequence based on an event in my own life, for the final assignment at Pixar. Trying to escape the stress of my school and home life, only to find the chaos had followed me to what was supposed to be a relaxing winter vacation.

Storyboarded from a script, the cold open from X-Files 3.12: War of the Coprophages. 
Written by Darin Morgan

Blue Sky Internship
First assignment for Blue Sky's Training Program. The four trainees were each given a section of a script called "Oak Tree", this section is the last scene before the end of act one.

Part Two of Blue Sky's "Oak Tree Assignment", which follows Rip figuring who is left on the tree after it's uprooted in the storm and dropped into the middle of the ocean.

Story Tests

Story test for season 2 of Star vs the Forces of Evil

Story test for Disney Talent Development

Storyboard test for season 7 of Adventure Time

Story test for Dreamwork's Summer Story Initiative. DeliverBee is the story of a girl and her bee on a mission to deliver a very important package to the President of the Forest's son.