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HELLAWEEN: Spellbent

Aug 20, 2024




In Stores Now!




“Stylishly spooky and outrageously fun. A spooky but sweet story about the importance of relying on your friends, especially when you feel alone.” —Kirkus

“Lawton fashions a raucous All Hallows’ Eve tale with a cheeky Halloweentown vibe in this wickedly funny graphic novel debut. [They explore] themes of miscommunication and connection through the lens of a good-intentioned witch with a chaotic approach to problem-solving.” —Publishers Weekly

“A slice-of-life character piece with supernatural high jinks humor. With its punk paranormal style, easygoing dialogue, and story of belonging and friendship, many tweens and young teens will find this graphic novel a relatable read.” —School Library Journal

“With such an inventive world and fun cast of characters all I want is MORE. I could read about this hellish little gang and their adventures forever.” —Dana Terrace, creator and executive producer of The Owl House

“The kind of book that makes you feel like trash for not being a cool witch, werewolf, or vampire.” —Jhonen Vasquez, creator and executive producer of Invader Zim

“Hellaween is for any kid who’s ever felt alone, had something to prove, and wanted to party, all at the same spooky time.” —Jake Wyatt, co-executive producer of My Adventures with Superman

“It’s not that often that you come across a comic with so much charm and character. Such a beautiful book.” —Rad Sechrist, creator and executive producer of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

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